MambaNux SD card requirements For Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi should work with any compatible SD card, although there are some guidelines that should be followed:

SD card class

The card class determines the sustained write speed for the card; a class 4 card will be able to write at 4MB/s, whereas a class 10 should be able to attain 10 MB/s. However, it should be noted that this does not mean a class 10 card will outperform a class 4 card for general usage, because often this write speed is achieved at the cost of read speed and increased seek times.

SD card size (capacity)

For installation of MambaNux , the minimum recommended card size is 8GB. For MambaNux VIP image installations we recommend a minimum of 16GB. Some distributions, specifically LibreELEC and Arch, can run on much smaller cards.

Note: Only the Raspberry Pi 3A+, 3B+ and Compute Module 3+ can boot from an SD card larger than 256 GB. This is because there was a bug in the SoC used on previous models of Pi.

SD card physical size

The original Raspberry Pi Model A and Raspberry Pi Model B require full-size SD cards. All newer models of Raspberry Pi require micro SD cards.

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